List of 3 Bartending Schools in Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver is Canada's third largest city seated on the shores of the Pacific Ocean. Known for it's temperate year round climate (and rain), it's the city to go if like your craft beer and micro brews, and many of the hotels have bars close by.

Vancouver and the BC mainland is also home to a large film production industry due to its proximity to California. This means that hundreds of aspiring actors make their way here, and bar tending with it's flexible hours and late night shifts is perfect for bartenders to pursue their other career during the day.

Bartending Course Vancouver

With so many aspiring actors in need of day jobs, Vancouver can be competitive, fortunately there are a number of bartending schools in the Vancouver area. Several of them offer help passing the Serving It Right certification required by managers, sales staff and servers in licensed establishments. Here's a few places to find a bartending course in Vancouver:

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